Terms and Conditions

The designs and plans on this site were drawn and created solely by Oak River Design. The designs are the express property of the firm. Our individual plans and designs contained on this site are copyrighted with the United States Copyright Office pursuant to Title 17 U.S.C. As such, the plans, renderings, and designs are the property of Oak River Design.

House Plans are Copyrighted

Like authors, photographers, and musicians, architects are protected by copyright laws. Federal laws were established to safeguard the intellectual property of architects. Copyright laws prohibit using an architect’s designs or drawings without written permission of the architect.

If You Want to Build, Buy the Plan

The variety of designs presented in this book should help you find a house in keeping with your property, budget, and lifestyle. If you plan to build one of the designs featured here, you must purchase a set of plans from Oak River Design.

Don’t Copy These Plans

It is against the law to copy designs or drawings found in plan books, magazines, or on the Internet. Many people believe it’s acceptable to copy or adapt a design from a publication or the web and build a house. Copying any existing built home or house plan that is copyrighted is not allowed – it’s illegal.

Modifying a Design

Once you have purchased a plan, it can be modified by us or by another designer, architect, engineer, or builder. We encourage you to customize your plan. If you choose to modify our design, we hope you ask us to adapt the plan to fit your personal needs and preferences. If you do make changes, please know that any modification by others to a plan is made at your own risk and should be reviewed by a professional residential designer or engineer before starting construction. In addition, these modified plans are considered “derivative works” of the original design, and Oak River Design retains copyright protection on the original design and any “derivative work.”

One-Time Rights

All house plans include a copyright release and a license to use the documents to build one home. The purchase of a set of these construction documents grants permission to use the plans to build a single structure. Don’t use our plans to build more than one house. This is an exclusive license, which may not be resold or reproduced without permission of Oak River Design.

Conditions of Using a Plan

As the homeowner or contractor who purchases a plan, you may lend the plan to third parties (builders, subcontactors, inspectors, review boards, or government agencies) to assist with approvals, budgets, and construction of the residence.

Copyright Infringement and Penalties

Any party, including the purchaser, homeowner, builder, drafter, or contractor, may be responsible if a copyright is violated. Refuse to be involved with any questionable copying of plans, borrowing of designs, or using derivative works. Penalties for copyright infringement can be severe, including actual damages, statutory damages, and reimbursement of reasonable legal fees.

Terms of Sale

Since most files are emailed to you in electronic format when you place your order, and contain copyright-protected information, we are not able to provide refunds or exchanges. What you’re purchasing is the right to use the intellectual property… and once it’s purchased… it really can’t be returned. You have it. Emailing it back to us doesn’t really mean much at that point. Please be sure to do your homework and ask as many questions as you need to in order to ensure that the house you’re planning to build is the right one prior to making your purchase. We are happy to be of any assistance to you in any way we can, by email or phone.

Privacy Policy

When orders are placed online, we never see or receive any of your credit card information  – just your name, address, and contact info so we can ship/complete your order. We use a company called Stripe and PayPal to fulfill all of our transactions.